Did Glenn Beck Encourage Gun Violence Against Barack and Michelle Obama?

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Has Glenn Beck completely lost his freaking mind? His April 11th broadcast on The Blaze was downright nutty in nature and was drenched with anti-government sentiment (like always), but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part of his little tirade came when he possibly encouraged the use of gun violence against the POTUS and FLOTUS. Why on earth are people still following this fruitcake?

The Blaze's Glenn Beck

Of all the right-wing talking heads, Beck is among the worst of the worst. He inspires hate speech and comes up with some of the most off-the-wall conspiracy theories. All this serves to do is rile up the fringe nuts in this country who, in turn, act on the inspiration of their leaders. It’s safe to speculate that his latest comments may inspire someone to do something illegal and extremely stupid.

First, Glenn Beck tells his viewers that he’s afraid the country is becoming a monarchy. Yeah, because every time a president wins two terms, the entire balance of the U.S. is endangered. Yes, that was sarcasm in case you weren’t sure. Some of the most idiotic people use the term “monarchy” and “king” to address the POTUS with ad hominem intent, and it really only serves to make them look like fools — fools who are uneducated on the workings of political science in the United States. But never mind calling President Barack Obama and the First Lady the new monarch leaders of America (eye roll), what he said next was disturbing:

“Maybe this time, maybe Marie-Antoinette and King Louis keep their heads, while all of their subjects lose theirs. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to stand up for your Second Amendment rights.”

So, to stop President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama from becoming so called “monarchs,” Beck encourages that you stand up for your rights to bear arms? The only thing that could possibly suggest is a potential revolution against an imaginary concept.

How ridiculous.

So people like Ted Nugent and other wingnuts get pulled in by the Feds for making ominous comments. Will Glenn get a good talking to over this, or will he be ignored as the nut that he is? Will someone admonish him for making such veiled endorsements of gun violence?

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