Did Grandma Kill Coral Hall?

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Was Coral Hall murdered by her own grandmother? That appears to be the sentiments expressed by officials who believe they are on the way to cracking this 15-year-old cold case wide open. Lois Arlene Janish has been arrested and charged with “open murder” — which in the state of Michigan means an unsolved homicide. Another detail to reveal is that officials claim that granny-dearest had “always been a suspect in the teen’s disappearance.” Well, that kind of contrasts against the official details, which state the belief that the then-14-year-old girl might have ran away voluntarily with an older boyfriend.

Coral Hall went missing when she was 14 years old. Her grandmother has been charged with her murder

So what evidence do detectives have against Coral’s grandmother? They won’t confirm any details right now that led them to this arrest, but it should be noted that the girl vanished shortly after asking if she could crash at a friend’s home, because she had been fighting with her grandmother. She never made it to her friend’s that day — and apparently it’s because her grandmother allegedly killed her before she could.

Lois Arlene Janish was reportedly inconsistent throughout the years of giving statements. Officials say that “trying to sort out” her varying stories just didn’t make much sense, and now they believe that they have probable cause on which to charge her with murder.

Unfortunately, this missing teen has never been located — and with it being 15 years since she was last seen, it’s safe to speculate that her remains may never be found. If her grandmother did murder her, then she must have had help in disposing of her remains. Unfortunately her husband has since passed away, so there’s no telling as to whether or not he knew anything about this alleged crime.

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