Did Harry Styles Ditch His Old Friends for One Direction?

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It’s not all fun and games for Harry Styles now that he’s a superstar. The One Direction singer has his share of haters, too; unfortunately, some of those haters are Hazzo’s old friends.

Although it seems that nothing gets Harry down, he is reportedly dismayed when he hears uncomplimentary remarks from those he used to hang out with and love. “It really upsets Harry because he’s a sensitive guy. He doesn’t understand it either,” a source for the Daily Mail said. “People call him a d***head and refer to him as that t***. More recently he’s had abuse on network sites and chatrooms.”

Some of the hating arises out of pure jealousy, such as that stemming from his former bandmates in White Eskimo. (Yes, One Direction is not Harry’s first band.) Will Sweeny of that band is not, however, one of them. He said that, as much as hateful comments hurt Harry, he has learned to ignore them. “It gets him down and when he comes back to see his family he just likes to keep out of the way of some people because of what they’ve said.”

It seems that this is just part of the price of fame for Harry Styles. His friends from back home should be happy for him, and, instead of letting jealousy take over their lives, work toward their own successes.

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