Did Harry Styles Dump ‘Asexual’ Taylor Swift Because She ‘Wouldn’t Put Out’?!

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Lots of reasons have been reported for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s alleged breakup: They both said things they shouldn’t have during a fight; he was overwhelmed by how fast they were moving; she thought her career was more important than his; their schedules conflicted too much. But a new report claims there’s another reason they broke up: She’s frigid!

According to Radar Online, Harry dumped Taylor because she was “asexual” and “hardly ever put out”!

“Harry found Taylor a little sexually uninterested,” a “source” tells the website. “While it was clear she obviously had a thing for Harry, Taylor didn’t want to put out as often as he would’ve liked. Harry is a young boy, with ladies throwing themselves at him and has had a string of relationships with older women. It’s no secret he’s sexually active and is enjoying his fame at the moment. But Taylor just wasn’t up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible.”

The early stages of a relationship are usually when two people can’t keep their hands off each other, so if Harry was concerned about their sexual incompatibility after just two months of dating, that would be a problem — especially for an 18-year-old with raging hormones who’s really too busy for a serious relationship. But there’s supposedly another reason for her alleged low libido.

“Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a whore because she dates around that she doesn’t put out. What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude,” an alleged “pal” of the songstress’ says, adding, “Having a clean and wholesome reputation is super important to Taylor. She puts herself in these stupid situations but then honestly can’t understand why she’s getting such a shabby reputation.”

Uh… guys keep dumping Taylor because she moves too fast and is needy and smothering. That’s been her pattern so far, anyway. So the public doesn’t think she’s a “whore” — the public thinks she’s a bunny boiler. But she’s not doing much to combat the “whore” perception anyway: She dated John Mayer, a notorious ladies’ man who is allegedly into some, uh, really dirty stuff; some of the lyrics on her latest album allude to sex; and when she and Harry were both in New York last month, he was photographed several times carrying an overnight bag while accompanying her into her hotel, which obviously implies that they’re doing more than just watching movies and braiding each other’s hair all night. Those are hardly the actions of someone concerned with “having a clean and wholesome reputation.”

But even if Taylor and Harry had been sexually compatible, it sounds like there were other obstacles they couldn’t overcome, with him wanting to party and her being “more of a homebody.” So they probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway, especially with both of them kicking off world tours in the coming months and not being able to spend much time together. But either way, hopefully this report is bogus, because speculating about Taylor being frigid and Harry being a horndog is just gross.

What do you think? Did Harry Styles dump Taylor Swift because she’s frigid? Will they ever get back together? Sound off in the comments!

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