Did Harry Styles Hit Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, or Louis Tomlinson in the Face?

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Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson might seem like the best of friends, but Hazza recently revealed that he attacked another member of One Direction during a nasty tiff.

Before fans start freaking out about the possibility of the band breaking up, here’s a little assurance—it doesn’t sound like the guys’ spat was too serious. Sometimes tempers probably just get out of control because it’s tough being pent up in a bus full of tired, testy guys who don’t always feel like goofing off at the same time. And since lots of guy friends fight occasionally, Directioners shouldn’t worry if the members of One Direction don’t always get along.

So who did Harry Styles attack and how did he do it? Did he A) nail Niall Horan in the head with a bottle of hair gel; B) zap Zayn Malik on the bum with a hot curling iron; C) lash Liam Payne with one of Louis’ suspenders; or D) lay waste to Louis Tomlinson’s face with a shoe?

Of course the answer here is C—everyone knows that BFFs have the worst fights.

According to Sugarscape, here’s what Harry said about his fight with Louis:

“We all squabble but it’s never got out of hand. The worst was when I hit Louis in the face with a shoe.”

Luckily he didn’t damage Louis’ impish moneymaker with his dirty boot.

So why were Louis and Hazza fighting? Sadly Harry didn’t reveal what led to their spat, which means that fans are free to speculate about it (perhaps a few will even write about it in their next Larry Stylinson fan-fics). Their tiff could have started because Louis was teasing Hazza about Taylor Swift, or perhaps Hazza got mad at his motor-mouth BFF for talking too much. It’s also possible that Louis played a prank on his pal that went a little too far.

Whatever the case may be, Louis better pray that Harry is wearing a soft pair of fuzzy bunny slippers during their next spat.

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