Did J.P. Rosenbaum Buy Ashley Hebert New Jewelry?

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J.P. Rosenbaum did some tweeting with a jewelry company on Tuesday. The company called Accessory Artists noticed that Ashley Hebert was wearing one of their necklaces. They suggested that J.P. purchase something for himself… you know, so he and Ashley can be twins.
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“Love seeing Ashley Hebert wearing our Aries pendant! Think the Pisces would look GREAT on you,” the company tweeted. “It certainly looks gorgeous on her! She loves it and hasn’t taken it off,” J.P. responded.

So the question is, did J.P. buy Ashley this new piece of jewelry? Judging by the brief conversation that he had on Twitter, it doesn’t sound like he did. Heck, he didn’t even buy her an engagement ring (thank you Neil Lane and ABC!). It seems like these two are taking time to plug certain companies and to respond to certain tweets, so you could assume that Accessory Artists “donated” the necklace to Ashley. Or maybe, she just bought it for herself!

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