Did Jaleel White Blow Up On DWTS Partner Kym Johnson?

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DWTS contestant Jaleel White, best known for his role as Steve Urkel on Family Matters, reportedly blew up at his dance pro partner Kym Johnson. Amidst allegations of spousal abuse from the mother of his child, this isn’t painting a very flattering image of the former sitcom star.

According to a report from People.com, White says the whole scenario with Kym Johnson has been blown totally out of proportion.

“It was completely exaggerated,” he says.

Profile PictureIt seems that White stepped on Johnson’s foot during rehearsal; and when she reacted to the pain it caused, he reportedly blew up at her for over exaggerating.

“Jaleel definitely was out of line,” a Dancing With the Stars source says.

So what do you think really took place? Is Jaleel White a loose cannon? Is he a ticking time bomb getting ready to blow? If that’s the case then could the accusations his baby mama made about him be true?

“It basically didn’t have anything to do with Kym or her foot – he was just stressed out and ready to snap,” the source says of the situation that went down during rehearsal.

It seems White doesn’t have particularly good control over his emotions. Is it possible that serious issues are lying just underneath his ever-thinning façade?

How do you suppose this will all turn out? Will Jaleel White’s dancing keep him on Dancing With the Stars long enough to stir up some more drama or will he go home and disappear into the sunset? What would you like to see happen?

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