Did Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp Get Into A Post-Split Fight?

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Jenelle Evans and her beau of about two months, Kieffer Delp, have split. The ‘Teen Mom 2′ couple began dating after Jenelle split with Gary Head and things seemed to be going well and more importantly, way less violent. However, it looks as though things between Jenelle and Kieffer may have gotten a bit out of control last night.

“Once again, my house is destroyed,” Jenelle tweeted early this morning. Moments later, Jenelle added, “Going to lay in bed emotionally depressed. Don’t have a cell phone anymore.. Bye.”

Prior to Jenelle’s tweets, Kieffer had asked his followers to post any proof they may have that he ever texted any girls during his relationship with Jenelle. Clearly, there are some cheating accusations being thrown around and Kieffer is desperately trying to prove his innocence.

As for what led to Jenelle’s house being destroyed, Jenelle didn’t disclose any more details — at least not yet. In the past, things between her and her ex-fiance, Gary Head, had gotten so out of hand that doors and other things had been broken. Hopefully, things between her and Kieffer didn’t get physical, but right now, it looks like they may have.

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp will be seen on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

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