Did Jennifer Aniston Break Up with Justin Theroux over His Wandering Eye?

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The National Enquirer has a report this week about how Jennifer Aniston’s relationship is in crisis because Justin Theroux is still communicating with his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. But if another report is to be believed, Justin’s wandering eye has already led the two to split.

According to OK! (via Celebitchy.com), “the pair briefly broke up” after Justin flirted with several women Feb. 29 at the Chateau Marmont.

“Someone told Jen they’d seen Justin looking very cozy with two young women,” a “close pal of the actress” dishes to the mag. “Jen went berserk. Justin insisted he’d just been discussing movie projects. But it flared up into a vicious fight.”

“The couple has patched things up — for now,” but in what is surely not a good sign for their relationship, Jennifer has apparently been suspicious of Justin for a while. He’s “forever slipping out and not saying where he is going,” the source tells OK!, with “another friend” adding that Jennifer has “always been clingy. But she’s been cheated on before … who can blame her?”

This definitely makes Jennifer sound like a stage five clinger. She’s not Justin’s mother, so she really isn’t entitled to know his whereabouts every second of every day. If he’s getting a constant barrage of “Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you seeing?” — if that’s what’s happening, Justin could very well feel smothered by that dynamic. But if he’s just up and disappearing on Jennifer constantly, at best it’s discourteous and at worst it’s really suspicious. Between OK!‘s report and The Enquirer‘s report, which claims that Justin has been contacting Heidi behind Jennifer’s back, these two could have some serious trust issues!

But according to OK!, Justin’s flirtations aren’t the couple’s only problem. They can’t agree on whether to live in New York, where Justin wants to stay, or Beverly Hills, Jennifer’s preference. Plus, Justin doesn’t like that Jennifer smokes, with “an insider” telling OK!, “This grosses him out because her hair smells and so do her clothes. But Jen will not stop smoking for anything or anyone.”

And now that Jennifer “is starting to feel used” and “Justin is feeling hen-pecked,” the end might be near.

“Friends wonder if they can really make it work long-term. … Jen and Justin really do love each other so they certainly want to turn it around,” OK!‘s source says.

The tabloids are always running ridiculous stories about Jennifer’s love life, so it’s easy to take OK!‘s report with a grain of salt. But coupled with The Enquirer‘s story, there could be something to this — especially since Justin first hooked up with Jennifer when he was still with Heidi, so the Emmy winner could definitely be sensitive to his interactions with other women. Either way, it looks like they won’t be having a baby anytime soon!

What do you think? Is Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s relationship on the rocks? Can they make it work? Sound off in the comments!

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