Did Jennifer Aniston Derail Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s wedding?!

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The tabloids have been claiming for a few weeks that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally ready to tie the knot. One report even claimed the duo planned to debut their wedding rings at the Academy Awards. But that didn’t happen, and now the tabloids are claiming it’s all Jennifer Aniston’s fault!

Brad and Angelina had an “explosive argument” about his ex-wife — and now the wedding is “permanently on hold,” OK! is reporting.

The trouble started when their eldest son, Maddox, came across a story about the Friends star and asked Brad who she is.

“Brad didn’t realize that Angie was home, and so he basically just told Maddox the truth: that Jennifer was a woman he loved very much and was once married to,” a “source” dishes to the mag. “But that’s when Angelina walked in.”

Brad has said in past interviews that he and Angelina censor what their kids can look up online, but after this incident, they definitely need new parental control software! And Angelina is “livid with Brad” because of it.

“Brad thought he had taken all necessary precautions and never suspected the kids would learn about his past by coming across a story about Jennifer,” OK!‘s source says.

Like every other story about these three, this is likely totally untrue. Brad and Angelina were probably never planning to marry, regardless of what they said to drum up support during his Oscar campaign. They can’t shelter their children forever — eventually the kids will find out they’ve both been married before. And regardless of what the tabloids print to try to sell magazines, it’s doubtful that these three even really care anymore about what happened seven years ago. So it’s really unlikely that the mere mention of Jennifer “brought their [wedding] plans to a screeching halt.” But that doesn’t mean the tabloids will stop printing these ridiculous stories.

What do you think? Did Jennifer Aniston derail Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding? Were they even planning to marry at all? Sound off in the comments!

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