Did Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson have ‘Hunger Games’ Fling?

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Is it possible that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson had something going on while they were shooing The Hunger Games? The tabloid rumor mill is certainly abuzz with the idea that something happened.

Jennifer LawrenceIf the tabloids are right, then Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson cheated on their significant others (at the time) while they were working on the film.

The good folks at OK! magazine, in trying to sell papers the week that The Hunger Games hits movie theaters, is saying exactly that. Jennifer and Josh are cheaters! Even though Jennifer was (and still is) dating Nicolas Hoult and Josh was romantically involved with Vanessa Hudgens, the two were reported to have private, behind-the-scenes rendezvous.

[Though dating others,] that didn’t stop the stars from bonding—especially after Jennifer gave Josh a mild concussion (she accidentally kicked him in the temple while they were horsing around Jennifer and Josh got especially friendly… they’d hang out alone together—which got everyone talking.

So, they spent time in the dressing room together? Oh my! Stop the presses! This clearly means that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were “getting it on,” all the while everyone in their mother could see the two of them going in and out of each other’s dressing rooms! How brazen!

Oh the scandal… oh, the dirty little secrets!

Yeah, right! If this were happening and true, the story would have been plastered everywhere a long time ago, and not the week the movie is set to be in the theater.

The only thing brazen here is that the tabloids practically make up scandal just to sell papers. Can’t they find someone else to trash? What about Kim Kardashian?

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