Did Kanye West give Kim Kardashian a promise ring?!

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Kim Kardashian is still legally married to Kris Humphries. But that hasn’t stopped her from accepting a ring from Kanye West.

Kanye gave Kim “a special ‘promise’ ring” on Friday, according to MediaTakeOut. Although it’s “just a friendship ring” (how very high school!), the diamond is “HUGE” and “most people … will consider it an ENGAGEMENT RING.” How big is “huge”? Bigger than the 20-carat eyesore Kim bought for herself and had Kris Humphries “give” her? Because that would just be ridiculous.

Although Kimye consider themselves to be “betrothed,” which according to MTO means they’re “not engaged … but close to it,” they’re not actually calling it an engagement ring because “Kanye recognizes that Kim is STILL LEGALLY MARRIED to Kris Humphries. And that if he were to PROPOSE to Kim, it could NEGATIVELY impact her divorce case.” Hopefully Kim’s divorce attorneys have pointed that out to her before, but if not, or if she’s refusing to listen to them, at least Kanye has a good head on his shoulders!

MTO also claims that the commitment ceremony, or whatever they’re calling it, went down in Ireland, where they’re celebrating Kanye’s birthday. Supposedly the event was photographed (of course it was!), and Jay-Z and Beyonce were there. The Carters have been in Paris the past few days so getting to Ireland would be easy, but can you really see them taking part in such a ridiculous famewhore extravaganza? Sure, they might show up because they’re friends with Kanye, but given Beyonce’s aversion to Kim, it’s highly doubtful she would let herself be photographed at something so tacky.

If there’s any truth to this whatsoever, Kim will be photographed with the ring shortly. There’s no way she’d miss out on that kind of media attention. But hopefully Kanye knows better than to get pre-engaged (people in their 30s should not be giving each other promise rings!) to someone like Kim. There have already been reports that this “relationship” is a put-on and they’re going to break up this summer, so hopefully this whole situation really is just some kind of bizarre performance art from Kanye and he isn’t actually going through with any kind of engagement/marriage.

What do you think? Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “betrothed”? Should he run away screaming? Sound off in the comments!

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