Did Kate Gosselin Break Her Coffee Maker?

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Kate Gosselin may have broken another coffee maker! The mom of eight may have drank one too many cups of coffee while home with her kids on Monday because her Keurig machine decided it wasn’t going to brew any more coffee!

“Not a good sign when your Keurig coffee maker decides NOT to brew a cup of coffee when asked to. Since when did it have a choice? Did I break ANOTHER 1?” Kate tweeted on Tuesday morning.

If you’re like Kate, you probably know how important a cup of coffee is in the morning! Most people who are up early on a daily basis need to have at least one cup of coffee or some kind of caffeine throughout the day. There is always that moment of panic when your coffee maker stops working, isn’t there? It’s probably very easy to go out and buy another one, but there is still that moment where you think you may never be able to have your morning coffee again! Hopefully Kate Gosselin figures out how to fix her Keurig or is able to replace it soon!

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