Did Kate Middleton have a miscarriage?

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Kate Middleton married into the royal family just three months ago, and since then it’s been reported that her and Wills want to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, the latest tidbit of info in the life of this royal couple proves saddening. Some tabloid rags in England and the US report that Kate Middleton has suffered a miscarriage.

Could these tabloids be reporting honestly, or is this sensationalism nothing but rumor about the slim newlywed? A miscarriage is a horrible thing to endure, and when celebrities go through them they’re made public, which just adds to the stress.

Do you think Kate Middleton really had a miscarriage? It’s been previously reported that doctors think the Duchess of Cambridge is too thin to conceive, so perhaps this miscarriage story has a little weight to it. Still, the story comes with no credible sourcing like most flamboyant tabloid magazines. So who knows if this is really true?

If it is true, hopefully she’ll recover soundly and get healthy so she can continue trying to conceive with her royal hunk of a husband!

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