Did Katy Perry Dump John Mayer?

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Did Katy Perry really dump John Mayer? Is it true the two aren’t a couple any more? The last time rumor had it they’d split, things wound up being just fine between the two.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Katy did in fact dump John, and the reason she has for her action won’t surprise many people.

It seeKaty Perry Fansms John Mayer has a “wandering eye.”

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and a whole slew of women will likely agree with Katy on that valid point.

The Wide Awake singer reportedly tired of John’s inconsistency, too. He went from too hot to too cold, and she wanted a nice, steady relationship. John would reportedly disappear for days at a time with little to no explanation.

Do you blame Katy Perry for dumping John Mayer? Will he ever grow up and treat the women in his life with respect? Hopefully whomever is next in line as John Mayer’s girl du jour will check in with Katy or Taylor Swift, or perhaps even Jennifer Aniston before getting too closely involved. They will no doubt all give the same advice.


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