Did Kelly Clarkson’s Ron Paul Endorsement Lead to Higher Album Sales?

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Kelly Clarkson might have just lined her pocketbook by endorsing Ron Paul — sales of her album ‘Stronger’ went up 192 percent after she tweeted her support for the GOP candidate.

The American Idol star might have been a little bit shocked and appalled at the Twitter backlash she experienced after endorsing her fellow Texan, but her tweets could prove to be a very smart career move. Paul’s supporters are known for being fiercely loyal, so much so that some in the GOP (and on Fox News) are concerned that he might win the upcoming Iowa caucus. He probably has more young supporters than his fellow candidates, meaning that “Paulbots” have a bigger web presence.

So surely a lot of Ron Paul’s supporters heard about what happened to Kelly Clarkson when she tweeted her hope that he would win the nomination for the Republican Party – some of her followers vowed to stop listening to her music, while others informed her about some of Paul’s past racist, homophobic remarks. Kelly did make sure to clarify to her Twitter followers that she’s not racist or homophobic – she just likes Paul because he believes in less government. However, it still looked like she was going to lose a lot of fans by getting political.

But instead it seems like she’s gained some. According to Gossip Cop, sales of her album ‘Stronger’ have soared on Amazon.com since she tweeted her support for Paul, and it can’t be any coincidence that they’re up 192 percent. The album was was ranked #41 on Amazon’s “Movers & Shakers in Music” list, and now it’s all the way up to #14.

So maybe Ron Paul’s supporters are buying her album as a way to show everyone just how powerful and influential they are. Paul often gets written off as not being a serious GOP candidate because so many of his views don’t align with the rest of the party, but his supporters are willing to do whatever they can to help him get attention.

Perhaps more stars will come out and endorse Paul since it seems to be a way to make some quick cash. But do you think they should get involved in politics and risk alienating some fans? Sound off in the comments!

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