Did Kim Kardashian Divorce Turn Kris Humphries Off Women Forever?

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The Kim Kardashian divorce has Kris Humphries wanting absolutely nothing to do with women. At least, not the other night, when the NBA star showed up at a swanky bar at the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel in NYC. He was there to watch the Super Bowl game with his friends, apparently. And he was in no mood for flirting. Is Kris swearing off women? Not likely, but given the high-profile divorce that’s underway, he can’t be blamed for wanting to lay low and not party it up too much.

According to the New York Post‘s Page Six, Kris Humphries did hit up the Red Room bar to watch Sunday night’s big Super Bowl game. He was there with buddies, male buddies. When those friends invited a group of hot women over to chat, Kris didn’t seem all that interested. A source says Kim Kardashian’s ex “…made it clear he was only interested in the game.” When a few of the women “openly tried to flirt” with him, Kris apparently shot them down, nicely of course.

Kris Humphries: Heartbroken and swearing off women because of Kim Kardashian? Nah. It’s more likely that he just wanted to hang out with his friends and watch the big game without distractions. That, and he sure doesn’t want to make the front page of the tabloids for partying with hotties in a bar.

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