Did Kim Kardashian Dump Kris Humphries Over Money?

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Kim Kardashian does everything for money. She profited from the sex tape she released herself to get famous, she made a fortune off of her sham wedding to Kris Humphries … and a new report claims she decided to pull the plug on her marriage because of money, too.

According to Star (via HollywoodLife.com), Kim dumped Kris because the NBA player isn’t rich enough for her!

“Kris told her he wouldn’t be pulling in $20 million a year and that deflated things for her,” Andrey Hick, “an old friend of Kris’ who is currently in jail” (and perhaps not the most reliable source in the world), dishes to the mag. “Kim was not going to let it fail once it reached critical mass. Once the engagement happened, she was going to have that wedding and make money from it.”

And once they were married, Kim started spending all the money in their joint bank account without telling Kris!

“Whatever was earned by Kim and Kris separately was going to be theirs but any money earned together such as from the wedding would go into the account,” Andrey tells Star. “We have Kim presenting herself as extraordinarily wealthy but she was borrowing $10,000 here and $10,000 there.”

In fact, Andrey claims that Kim and Kris had the same net worth at the time of the wedding — and that Kim consistently lies about how wealthy she really is.

“Her net worth is only $8 million,” Andrey says. “And $3 million of that is in furniture and clothing. This is a woman who wants at whatever cost to support her lifestyle.”

Kris has never made more than $3.2 million in one season, so after a few years in the NBA, he could be worth around $8 million after paying taxes. But the Kardashians reportedly made $65 million in 2010, and Kim is easily the family member who has the most endorsements and commands the highest appearance fees. After being in the spotlight for several years, you’d think she’d be worth more than $8 million (although obviously that’s still a lot of money). The Kardashians do lie about everything to put themselves in a better light, so it’s entirely possible Kim’s not rolling around in a bathtub full of cash every night. But either way, it’s easy to imagine Kim not being thrilled about her hubby only making $3.2 million a year. And whether Andrey has any direct knowledge of the situation — or, considering this is Star, whether Andrey actually exists — there have been so many reports of Kim screwing Kris out of the money earned from the wedding and screwing him over in the prenup, it’s easy to imagine she’d dump him over something superficial like his paycheck too. She was obviously only interested in money and ratings, not love. It’s too bad Kris didn’t figure that out sooner so he could avoid this whole headache.

What do you think? Did Kim Kardashian dump Kris Humphries because he’s not rich enough? Does Kim lie about her net worth? Sound off in the comments!

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