Did Kim Kardashian Lose All of her Baby Weight and Pose in a Bikini?

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Kim Kardashian is pictured on a recent cover of Star magazine looking like her old skinny self in a teeny bikini. The tabloid cover proclaims, “I got my body back!” and says that Kim managed to lose 50 pounds in just 40 days. So did she actually accomplish this incredible weight loss feat?

Kim Kardashian 2012While Kim probably would love to impress the world by bouncing back from her pregnancy faster than a supermodel, the photo is misleading: Jezebel points out that it’s actually a photo of Kim from 2012. According to Rumor Fix, Kris Jenner also revealed that Kim isn’t ready to show off her post-pregnancy body just yet during her talk show. In fact, she sort of insulted her daughter when she said of Kim’s weight loss, “Trust me. She’s not there yet.” Maybe the momager was just feeling irritated with her daughter for not dropping the pounds fast. Kim’s body is a big business, and Kris Jenner can’t make money off of it while it’s being hidden away.

Kris Jenner did say that Kim Kardashian is working hard to slim down after giving birth to North West, but it looks like Kim is no Kate Middleton: The reality show star seems to be somewhat ashamed of her post-pregnancy body since she’s keeping it under wraps. It’s kind of sad that Kim isn’t using the way she looks to try to be a good role model for her fans since many of them probably have unrealistic expectations about what their bodies will look like after pregnancy. Too many celebrity moms these days hide away while they get their bodies back in shape. Since they fly under the radar for a while, it seems like they dropped their pregnancy weight quickly and easily when they emerge looking like their old selves. This is why Kate Middleton’s stomach was so refreshing: It showed young women what a real post-pregnancy body looks like.

However, Kim might not be shunning the spotlight simply because she doesn’t want the world to see her body. Maybe she’s taking a break from the cameras so that she can be stress-free while she bonds with her baby, or perhaps Kanye West has even convinced her to start working to avoid the paparazzi now that North West is in danger of becoming photographer fodder.

So do you think that it’s wrong for Kim to hide away while she works to lose weight, or is it a good thing that she might be weaning herself off of fame?

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