Did Kim Kardashian’s Night With Kanye West Make Her Less Than a Lady?

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Photographic evidence points to Kim Kardashian having spent the night with Kanye West on Friday, and now some members of the media are making her out to be little more than a high-class call girl. Whether it’s truth or fiction, is that right?

In particular, MediaTakeout.com has especially had it in for Kim this week. First, the website posted a nude photo of a woman cooking eggs and said it was an older, pre-implant photo of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. Kim, of course, flatly denied that it was of her. Then, there were the photos of Kanye’s wardrobe malfunction when exiting his car with Kim and heading for his apartment Friday night with the intimation in the headline that Kim had been servicing him in the back seat. Of course, that isn’t all. Their newest Kim photos show the pair exiting his apartment yesterday morning, and the headline is the least flattering to date.

Although MediaTakeout.com didn’t expressly call Kim any derogatory terms, it is clearly the intention. What would you make of this headline? “LMAOOOOOOOO!!! Kanye West Is Photo’d . . KICKING Kim Kardashian OUT HIS CRIB In The Morning!!! (He AIN’T EVEN Let Her CHANGE HER DRAWERS)” Clearly, this website isn’t a source for award-winning writing, and its urban style is part of its appeal.

At what point, however, do sensationalist (and, for many, in poor taste) headlines cross the line? It may be hard to argue with the photographic evidence that Kim and Kanye spent the night together, but it’s the editorial comment that is at question. It isn’t evidence of a one-night stand in a string of other illicit encounters. Kim and Kanye are obviously a couple. So, does a night between devoted and consenting adults have to color Kim as being indecent?

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