Did Lady Gaga ‘Borrow’ Cover Art Concept From Kylie Minogue?

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Lady Gaga has released a photo of the cover art for her forthcoming CD Born This Way for the little monsters to devour. Only problem is that it bears a resemblance to a 2007 CD cover by fellow singer Kylie Minogue.

The two albums when viewed side by side do show similar aspects. The font is perhaps the most glaring similarity between them. However, there are other things that could be taken as similar or having been copied. The angle of both faces is close to the same, despite Gaga’s being a full body and Minogue’s being a close cropped facial shot. However, the other claims of the albums being similar on Radar Online don’t seem to hold too much water.

Lady Gaga is arguably one of the most innovative and original artists of our time. Between her commanding stage presence, her infectious beats, and her ever changing style, she’s garnered herself quite the following. However, there are those out that aren’t gaga for Gaga.

Among them is artist Kerli. The Estonian singer has noticed a little bit of a coincidence in Gaga’s hair coloring that just so happened to be around the same time she sported a very similar shade. As a result Kerli called Gaga out on the similar style in anger.

Kerli isn’t the only one that’s seen similarities in Gaga’s fashion and image. In fact, there are many out there that have noticed the same thing through the years.

What do you think? Does Gaga borrow a bit too much from others or is she just as original as ever? Weigh in below.

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