Did Leah Messer Rush Into Divorce with Corey Simms?

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Leah Messer may have cheated on her husband-to-be Corey Simms, but do you think that she jumped the gun when she filed for divorce? After seeing an extended clip of Teen Mom 2 aired, fans were left wondering whether or not she made a huge mistake by breaking up with Simms before taking the time to really think about her action and talk to her husband.

Take a look at the clip of unseen footage from Teen Mom 2 posted below. It seems as though Corey wanted to wait and talk to Leah before rushing in to a divorce. Did these two make a bigger mistake by splitting up? Leah also retweeted a message on Twitter that could signify that she feels she made a mistake.

“Don’t leave something good to find something better. Once you realize you had the best, the best has found better,” Leah retweeted. It definitely sounds like there is a level of guilt and/or regret coming from Leah Messer. Could she still be in love with Corey? It’s possible. Do you think they should have tried harder to make their marriage work despite Leah’s cheating?

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