Did Lil Wayne Have Sex With a 16-Year-Old?

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Could Lil Wayne be in trouble with the law again? There are rumors swirling on the web that the rapper had sex with a 16-year-old girl, and she’s responding to them.

The teen, who is calling herself “Sarah,” reportedly met Weezy at a concert after party in a club in Montreal. She allegedly spent the night with him in a hotel room and has a photo to prove it.

In the photo, the blonde Canadian high school student is wearing a skimpy outfit similar to the club wear that teen bride Courtney Stodden seems to love so much. So is she trying to use Lil Wayne’s name to gain fame, or is the rapper the real bad guy here for taking advantage of a star-struck kid?

The 16-year-old took to Facebook to post the photo and brag about it, but she simply said that she “spent the night” with Mr. Carter, not that she had sex with him. And while original reports said that she and Lil Wayne spent the night in a hotel room, her photo appears to be taken in a tour bus.

It’s entirely possible that she simply hung out with rapper after the after party, but it’s still quite disturbing that a 16-year-old was allowed to stay out all night wearing something more suitable for a call girl. Of course she could have pulled the old outfit switcheroo on her ‘rents, something many teen girls have done before, and maybe she lied to her parents about where she was going to be (the old phantom sleepover stunt).

Sarah might have been trying to brag about spending the night with Lil Wayne on Facebook, but she’s recently changed her tune, posting a YouTube video stating that she never had sex with him and just took a photo with the rapper because she was excited to meet him. However, MTO has obtained exclusive text messages where the teen jokes about making him wear a condom during their encounter.

So it’s always possible that Weezy himself told her to deny the claims to save face, not that he would be in trouble for sleeping with the 16-year-old anyway — sixteen is the age of consent in Canada.

Perhaps Sarah was just joking around with the text messages and Facebook comments, trying to fool her friends into thinking that she hooked up with rapper (it seems like something a teen girl would do). Unfortunately, the media got wind of the story, and blew the whole thing out of proportion. Whatever the case, Sarah certainly got her fifteen minutes.

Check out her video response to the story below.

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