Did Lou Dobbs Help Fire the Bullet?

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Someone may be taking potshots at Lou Dobbs. It’s not that I can’t understand the impulse, every time he comes on the tube I want to make like an Iraqi journalist and go all Hush Puppy on his ass. Still, you’ll not hear me defending the shooter.

As I write this, no one has been caught. It’s too early to tell if it was a rabid lefty kicked out of his house or a disgruntled illegal immigrant who picked artichokes for 6 months to save up for bullets. It could’ve been a garden-variety hunter or a righty with a crazy plan to make it look like a lefty did the deed. It could even have been The Big Dick showing off his first-class marksmanship – Lou and old Republican donors look a lot alike. In this day and age, almost anything is plausible.

And that’s the problem.

The blood sport of demonization is a real hit these days. If you disagree with someone you must start with a baseless accusation or bald-faced lie just to let the dogmatics know you’re serious. Then, you whip the crowd into a teabagged frenzy and when it goes over the top, stand back and say, “I didn’t know anyone would be offended by me pointing out Obama’s affinity for fried chicken and watermelon – wink,wink, nudge, nudge, say-no-more.”

Dobbsites ProtestLou, you’ve made a third career of goading border vigilantes into action and sowing the fear that all Americans will be required to eat tacos and flan if the borders aren’t sealed. You may package yourself with a more genteel veneer than Beck, O’Reilly, or Rush, but you’re hyping  issues better discussed with a moderation. And yes, the left does it’s share of demonizing too. Mob-birthing is, unfortunately, a bipartisan activity.

There’s nothing wrong with people speaking their minds, but we’re no longer speaking – we’re screaming fire at the top of our lungs and then exhorting theatre patrons to shoot the firefighters when they show up.

Lou, you were – at the very least – one of the fire-shouting brigade who helped load the gun and point it at something you hate. Unfortunately, it appears the possible domestic terrorist you riled took it upon himself to turn the gun on you.

I have no problem with espousing ideas you think are important, even if I think they’re half-baked. I’d also not let the actions of a crazy put you off speaking about those ideas. I’ll even defend you from the crazy if it comes to that. But, I do urge you to speak a bit more temperately. We need no more vigilantes “guarding” the border.

One nut – left or right winged – with a gun is enough.

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