Did Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal Break-Up Because of Bentley?

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Although she is a reality television show star, Maci Bookout tries to keep her life as private as possible. That is why people were left guessing about the status of her and Kyle King’s relationship earlier this year. While it seemed apparent that the two had split, the Teen Mom stayed quiet for several weeks before she finally confirmed the break-up.

Fans are well aware that she and her latest boyfriend Kyle Regal have split, but the reason is not exactly clear. Maci has deleted all photos of the two together on her Twitter, and there is a rumor that Regal was asking another woman for nude photos. Rather than give into him, though, the woman reportedly alerted Maci Bookout who promptly dumped the pro-racer. However, could there possibly another reason for the quick split?

After staying away from social networking for a while, on Wednesday Kyle Regal tweeted, “I don’t think there’s a better form of birth control than getting stuck with a kid under 4 years old for more then a couple [of] hours…”

While it is unclear who he was talking about, one fan did inquire whether or not the tweet was referencing Maci’s son, Bentley. Kyle did meet the Teen Mom‘s son a few times while they were dating, but the two seemed to get along pretty well. Not only that, but Bentley wasn’t always around as he spent a lot of time with his dad, Ryan. However, having a child from a previous relationship can make future relationships difficult as not everyone is ready for the added responsibility. Perhaps Regal wasn’t ready for that.

It is unclear what exactly Kyle Regal was referencing, but it looks like he and Maci Bookout are done for good. Maci has recently been talking to Kyle King, and while she maintains that they are not dating, the two have been sending some sweet tweets that suggest they are getting along well! Of course, fans are hoping for a reconciliation between the two because he and Bentley got along so well.

Do you think part of the reason Maci and Kyle Regal broke up was because she had a son?

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