Did Matt Lauer Father Co-Host Natalie Morale’s Son?

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Matt Lauer’s professional life may be taking off but his personal life is still suffering from an assortment of attacks. The latest jaw dropping scandal to hit Matt involves infidelity, sex, lies and cameras. This scandal has been mentioned around the rumor mill for the last few years but has gained new fuel now that Matt just singed a lucrative new contract.

http://media-files.gather.com/images/d122/d326/d747/d224/d96/f3/full.jpgSpeaking about the drama between Lauer and his Today co-host Natalie Morales, a source said, “I heard that Matt had an affair with Natalie, and he’s the father of one of her kids. Everyone’s buzzing that the boy looks just like him.”

However, the news gets worse for Lauer and Morales because the rumor isn’t just being discussed by one or two people. An insider said, “The Matt Lauer love child scandal is the worst-kept-secret among the network morning shows. Everyone’s talking about it —even at NBC. He’s trying to get Ann Curry dumped as co-anchor, and those loyal to her also talking it up. Matt has enemies inside and outside the show’s Studio 1A, and if he’s got this giant skeleton in his closet, there are many who want to see it come out.”

The situation was made worse when Today show gave Morales’ husband, Joe Rhodes, “the opportunity to shoot down allegations that his wife was involved with Matt, he did not deny them to The Enquirer.” There’s no doubt these allegations are tearing apart both Lauer and Morales’ marriages. If nothing else, they prove that men and women may be able to work well onscreen together but that chemistry will always be mistaken for more offscreen.

However, there may be another reason for this rumor to be gaining steam, another source said, “The morning show competition has never been hotter and Matt is the reigning king. Everyone wants to see him get knocked off his pedestal, and that’s why these outrageous baby daddy rumors have resurfaced.”

So, once again Matt Lauer finds himself in the midst of cheating rumors and this time an illegitimate son was thrown in for good measure. What do you think really happened between Lauer and Natalie Morale? And, do you think he’s the true father of her son?

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