Did Miley Cyrus Donate Her Hair to Cancer Patients?

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After Miley Cyrus’ engagement news calmed down in Hollywood, she found herself being talked about less and less. So, what is a bride-to-be to do when she is no longer the talk to Tinsel town? Cut her hair, of course!

The former Hannah Montana’s hot pixie cut has some people up in arms. While there are some fans who are supportive of Miley’s new ‘do, there are others that just can’t handle it and their comments have been less than kind. She’s been called emo, punk, and crazy with her new hair, but did she cut her hair for a good cause?

Fashion & Style points out the latest Twitter frenzy that claims the Disney star chopped off her hair for a cancer charity. Some of the tweets specify the charity as Locks Of Love, but others (like Official CANCER) posted, “MileyCyrus donated her hair to a Cancer charity. And you’re calling her ‘ugly’. Trust me, she’s more beautiful than you. #MakeaChange

When people think of donating their hair, often Locks Of Love come to mind, but there are several other organizations that take donations of hair. However, they all have different stipulations.

Locks Of Love

Locks Of Love requires that hair be 10 inches long and, while they do accept hair that has been dyed or permed, no hair that has been bleached is allowed.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

This organization’s length requirement is only 8 inches, but they do not accept any hair that has been dyed or that has more than 5% of gray color.

Wigs For Kids

12 inches is the required length of hair and absolutely no dyed hair is accepted.

Children With Hair Loss

This organization has an 8 inch length requirement and while they prefer hair that has not been chemically treated, hair that is in good condition is accepted.

While it seems that Miley Cyrus wouldn’t have “made the cut” for most of these organizations, she may have been able to find one that would accept her hair. She had recently had a cut and dye session turning her dark locks blonde and slightly shorter. It’s unclear if she would have met the 10 inch requirement, she could have donated to Locks Of Love.

Along with her pixie cut, she bleached her locks so if she didn’t donate her hair, but was looking into it, she won’t be able to do so in the future.

Do you think this was just a crazy Twitter rumor, started to get people to stop hating on Miley’s hair?

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