Did Niall Horan Insult One Direction Fans by Calling Them a Naughty Word?

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Niall Horan recently tweeted something to One Direction fans that might have raised the eyebrows of some of the band’s critics. But did he really insult Directioners?

1D is currently in New York, and things have been extremely crazy in the city, thanks to the mob of fans that follow the band wherever they go. And since many Directioners in the city know where they guys’ hotel is, they don’t seem to be getting a break from all the noise that their fans are capable of creating.

Niall acknowledged some of that noise when he tweeted this:

love all you mofo’s..can hear u singing outside the hotel.

According to the International Business Times, some critics saw that message as mocking One Direction fans—after all, “mofo” is short for “motherf***er.”

So was Niall Horan actually trying to insult the fans keeping him up all night with that tweet?

Most Directioners didn’t think so. In fact, they got the hashtag #NiallsMofo trending on Twitter, with many fans proclaiming that they’re proud to call themselves Niall’s mofos.

And Niall probably didn’t mean any harm with the tweet. Even though having girls constantly screaming your name and singing at you probably gets pretty tiresome, he knew that he was giving all those girls outside that hotel the thrill of their lives by acknowledging that he heard them.

Niall Horan was likely just using the word “mofo” the same way some sorority girls call each other “b***h” or the way some black guys call their pals the n-word—in certain cases, curse words can become terms of endearment, and Niall did use the word “love” with it.

There was some speculation that Niall’s management might make him delete the tweet, but evidently they didn’t see anything wrong with it since it hasn’t been taken down. So what do you think, did Niall use the word because he was getting annoyed with his fans, or did he use it to show Directioners that he loves just how crazy they are?

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