Did Nicki Minaj and Boyfriend Safaree Break Up After ‘Heated’ Fight Before Grammy Awards?

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Nicki Minaj and Drake should date. They’d be a fabulous, successful couple. That being said, Nicki does have a boyfriend. Or she did. Rumor has it that Minaj and longtime boyfriend Safaree are having huge problems. They apparently had a massive fight on Sunday, as Nicki was getting ready to go to the 2012 Grammy Awards. What on earth could be so bad that it would spark a big fight right before Nicki’s big night? Her dress.

File:Nicki Minaj Femme 2011.jpgAccording to MediaTakeOut.com, Nicki and Safaree went at it just before the Grammys. They were fighting over what Nicki was wearing to the big event. Now granted, Nicki’s choice of the Versace “Little Red Riding Hood” gown was a bit unusual (like her exorcism, er, performance on the show), but it sure wasn’t worth having a fight over. Nicki Minaj got so angry with Safaree, she had her own security people throw him out of her house. Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.

MTO claims that someone in the Young Money camp says Nicki and Safaree were having issues long before last night. It’s just a shame that these two had the row right before the Grammys. And no, Safaree was nowhere in sight at the event. Drake was, and maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but wouldn’t Nicki Minaj and Drake make an awesome couple? Rumors have swirled for a while that these two might have something going on, after all.

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