Did Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Get Married?

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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald met while he was a contestant on “American Idol.” Did this couple get married already?

The two have recently been spotted out holding hands and both wearing a gold band on their wedding ring fingers. There was no word of a wedding so fans had to wonder what was going on with them. E!Online got the scoop for you!

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are not married yet. They are just simply wearing rings to show how much they love each other. Paul has been away from her while he is out on tour for the “American Idol” tour. They have not given out a wedding date yet.

What do you think of this way of showing their love? Should they wait to wear rings until they are actually married? Many couples wear a promise ring before they are even engaged and this sounds like a similar situation. Fans wish the two their best!

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