Did Nikkole Paulun Already Have Her Baby?

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Nikkole Paulun announced that she was pregnant with her second son earlier this year and while she wasn’t scheduled to give birth until August 25, her weekend seems to hint that she may have already given birth to little Ashton.

Over the weekend, Nikkole told fans that she was “about to go jump off a cliff.” Then, she tweeted about a friend who had gotten drunk during their excursion to estfest. It doesn’t exactly sound like a trip that a pregnant woman would take, but could she really have already given birth? It doesn’t really seem like something that could have came and went with no tweets or other hints.

Nikkole tends to keep her fans in the loop with most life-changing events so if she gave birth, she would have likely told them about it. In addition to that, even if she had given birth, she wouldn’t be leaving her baby so soon to go on a trip with friends.

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