Did One Direction’s Harry Styles Really Hit on a Fan?

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Did One Direction’s Harry Styles really hit on a fan during a concert? That’s the rumor that’s going around. It comes from a member of the audience at their San Diego show on June 6th, and the story is pretty convincing.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, a One Direction fan named Trisha says Harry was trying to put some moves—casual ones, of course, on a fan while he was on stage. Check out Trisha’s story and see what you think.

“I had seats on the right side of the stage in the first row at One Direction’s San Diego coProfile Picturencert on June 6th. Harry kept looking over at the section to the right of me. There was a blonde girl sitting on the raised seats on the right of the stage. Whenever he came over to the right side, I’d catch him seriously staring at her. He even smiled at her a few times and waved to her at the end of the show,” Trisha says.

Trisha’s story becomes even more convincing, however. Check out what she says Harry Styles did next.

“He called up the sound guy and was talking to him for a really long time. From the stage, he kept making jokes and mouthing things to the sound guy. My friend was sitting right behind the girl. Apparently a security guard came up to the girl and told her that Harry wanted to meet her back stage. He looked over there a ton,” Trisha says.

Do you think Harry Styles was really and truly hitting on this fan? It certainly sounds like he was, doesn’t it? Do you suppose Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik do that, too?

Can you imagine how excited that fan must have been if Harry really invited her to come back stage to meet him following the One Direction concert?

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