Did Prince William’s Balding Hasten His Engagement?

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Remember the days when Prince William was actually a heartthrob? At one point in time, girls across the globe had dreams of being a real life princess and marrying the air to the throne. And then William began to bald.

Prince William, 2007The New York Times has read into the Prince’s thinning hair, and they suggest that he may have asked Kate Middleton to marry him because he was starting to “expire” (via the Huffington Post).

The 28-year-old Prince may have decided that he isn’t getting any younger and that his premature balding would have bearing on his ability to get women in the future.

Of course, that’s not the reason that the Prince asked for Middleton’s hand, but the Times does have a good point. If Kate Middleton wasn’t so stunning, their point would fare better. However, the two seem like they are really in love. Balding and all.

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