Did Rajwinder Kaur Join a Cult?

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Rajwinder Kaur vanished Sunday night before a text from her mobile alerted her family with an ominous message. It’s been speculated that the message could have been typed by someone who has harmed her or by Rajwinder herself. In fact, it’s actually possible that this young woman isn’t in danger, but may have planned on leaving in the first place.

The 26-year-old woman reportedly sold some of her belongings on Ebay shortly before vanishing Sunday night. She also reportedly joined a cult and was dabbling in religious extremism. Rajwinder Kaur is a Sikh woman, which isn’t by itself negative, but extreme forms of any belief system and the existence of cult sects of any faith can be dangerous. Even the NYPD aren’t in the belief that this woman was harmed. In fact, the ominous text received by the family of the missing woman could mean something entirely. Instead of meaning she is literally dead, police believe it means that the “old Rajwinder is dead to her family, and is now with a cult.”

Naturally, this isn’t an acceptable explanation to the family, who believe she is in danger. Her family admits that she’s a “religious person,” but is in no way an extremist.

“She wouldn’t want to leave us,” one family member said.

Well, it’s common for young women to leave home without wanting the confrontation of saying goodbye, and this is especially so in households where the love can be a bit stifling — for lack of a better term. In fact, this case was earlier compared to the voluntary disappearance of Aisha Khan. The young Muslim woman was married and in a very “loving” family environment at the young age of 19, but plotted a fake abduction so as to escape her current life without the confrontation. While Rajwinder isn’t a Muslim, the extreme cultist forms of the Sikh culture tend to almost mirror that of strict Muslim values. In fact, extreme Sikhism is an attempt to coincide the peacefulness of Hinduism with the elements of Islam. If Rajwinder joined a cult of this nature, she could in fact be in as much danger as she’d be if she was abducted.

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