Did Ray J Have a Nervous Breakdown?

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Ray J has been one of the people at the center of Whitney Houston news. At this point, the 31-year-old singer/author has said very little about what happened to his dear friend, Whitney (or Nippy as he and others call her), but the public has seen him looking very upset over the past couple of weeks… and don’t think the media hasn’t noticed.

AccordiFile:Ray J Cropped.jpgng to Gossip Cop, a radio station in Chicago pulled a prank, leading some people to believe that Ray had a nervous breakdown. Apparently they had a comedian “call-in” to the show, pretending to be Ray, and sounding “fragile and confused” on air. Some believed it really was Ray and that he was indeed having a nervous breakdown… however it was just a (bad) joke.

“The person behind the goof, a comedian named Leon Rogers, tweeted, ‘LISTEN TO ALL OF YOU NIMRODS THAT REALLY THOUGHT THAT WAS RAY J SHAME ON YOU IT WAS A JOKE (sic),'” Gossip Cop reports.

Of course this “prank” was beyond believable because Ray has been so distraught over the loss of Whitney Houston. Naturally this isn’t anything to joke about—losing someone close to you is never easy, especially when it is sudden or unexpected—however, the media has been forced to find stories about Ray because he’s not creating any himself. In one way it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone about Whitney (heck, he won’t even plug his new book that came out on Valentine’s Day), but at the same time, people want to hear what he has to say… even if it is nonsense (like the station’s prank).

Ray J was one of the closest people to Whitney Houston around the time that she died and people want details. Unfortunately they aren’t going to get details listening to radio pranks.

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