Did Reg Traviss Have Something to Do with Amy Winehouse’s Death?

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Did Amy Winehouse’s death have something to do with her split from Reg Traviss? And did he discover her body?

Fans of Amy’s fellow musician Kurt Cobain have wondered for years if his wife Courtney Love had something to do with his death. However, it’s most likely that he simply committed suicide. Doors front man Jim Morrison was with his girlfriend when he died, and there has also been a lot of speculation on what exactly went down on the night of his death.

Of course both of these rockers are members of the notorious “Club 27,” a group of musicians that all died at the age of 27—just like Amy Winehouse. But will an ex of Amy’s be forever tied to her demise the way the lovers of Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison were tied to their deaths?

Mandela90 355Apparently the “Rehab” singer was “inconsolable” when she was dumped by Reg Traviss last month. She checked herself into the Priory Rehab Clinic in London shortly afterward, but perhaps her devastation after the breakup just made it too hard to give the booze and drugs up—shortly afterward, she was booed off of a stage in Belgrade after stumbling around and appearing extremely intoxicated. She proceeded to cancel her entire tour.

So it seems like Amy Winehouse’s attempt to get her life and career back on track failed miserably, possibly sending her on a downward spiral that ultimately led to her death. Photos of Reg Traviss standing outside of Amy’s apartment surfaced today, so it will be interesting to see if he knows anything about how she died and if he was there when it happened (or if he possibly discovered her body).

Whatever the case, this is a very sad day for music and a very sad day for all those close to Amy. She had an amazing voice that was often drowned out by her personal troubles, and perhaps she made a last-ditch attempt to drown out those troubles for good.

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