Did Rihanna and Katy Perry’s VMAs ‘Kiss’ Annoy John Mayer?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown’s MTV VMAs kiss has gotten a ton of buzz, but Breezy wasn’t the only celeb that RiRi partook in a little PDA with.

The “S&M” singer’s BFF Katy Perry also got a lot of attention for a smooch of her own–some One Direction fans probably were not happy that she kissed Harry Styles and Niall Horan on the lips when they accepted their moon man. However, Katy just seemed to be in a cuddly mood all night long.

Perhaps John Mayer hasn’t been giving his ladylove enough loving, because she didn’t just try to make out with all of the members of One Direction–she also couldn’t keep her lips off of Rihanna.

Katy Perry was captured on camera kissing RiRi’s shoulder, although it looked more like she was trying to eat her (since Katy is obviously a big fan of candy, RiRi must have been wearing some candy-scented perfume). But from the looks of it, RiRi enjoyed her Chris Brown kiss and hug a little more–while she smiled while embracing her ex, she looked a little annoyed while Katy gnawed on her shoulder. Niall Horan probably would have gladly switched places with RiRi.

After her PDA-filled night at the VMAs, you would think that Katy would be excited about getting to kiss and cuddle John Mayer, but as the Daily Mail reports, things got ugly between the couple at a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Shortly after Katy ordered a bottle of booze, she and John started fighting and had to take their tiff outside.

Maybe John was annoyed with his girlfriend for kissing Niall, Harry Styles, and RiRi, or perhaps Katy got upset because she was trying to make the notorious womanizer jealous and it didn’t work.

Luckily for Katy, her BFF RiRi will surely offer her a shoulder to cry on if things don’t work out with Mayer. Or maybe she should comfort Katy with a shoulder to nibble on instead.

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