Did Robert Pattinson Diss Taylor Lautner? Skips Premiere!

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Robert Pattinson skipped the Abduction première, forgoing a chance to support his Breaking Dawn co-star, Taylor Lautner. The British actor is back in Los Angeles, but he did not make a stop by to see the new film.

“What aboRobert Pattinson 2011ut Robert Pattinson? He flew back from London on Sept. 14, surely he could have put on an outfit and gone?” Hollywood Life asks. There could be a very logical explanation for this. Perhaps RPattz did not want to cause a frenzy and take the spotlight off of Lautner. In fact, it is possible that Rob was there, but didn’t walk the red carpet and just snuck in to the film.

If he didn’t go, surely he had a good excuse. There would have to be a reason for him not to support Taylor Lautner, right? It’s interesting to see the dynamic between Hollywood friends, and sometimes they don’t go to each other’s premieres, that’s just the way things work apparently.

Maybe RPattz is anti-Lily Collins, since she is Kristen Stewart’s Snow White competition!

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