Did Robert Pattinson Go on a Triple Date?

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Robert Pattinson seems to be making the best of things while he is away from his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. The British actor has been going out with his Cosmopolis costars regularly, checking out the happenings in Toronto, Canada.

Just recEdward Bellaently the actor enjoyed a night out with two of his guy friends and three girls… that sounds like it could have been a triple date. It’s one thing when a group of friends go out, but when there are an even number of girls and guys? It sounds like it was totally planned that way!

Now that Rob and Kristen haven’t been together for a while, people are starting to wonder if they are even still dating. It was previously reported that KStew was going to be staying in Canada with Rob, but since she hasn’t been there for a few weeks, things don’t seem right.

Of course RPattz could be having platonic relationships with girls, but who doesn’t like a juicy story every now and then?

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