Did Rupert Sanders hurt Kristen Stewart’s self-esteem?

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Ever since Kristen Stewart was busted cheating on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, married father of two Rupert Sanders, her people have been frantically trying to save her image and career. They’ve been ridiculously claiming that Rupert manipulated young, innocent KStew into a “sexless” (yeah, right) affair. And now they’re going for outright character assassination, calling Rupert a “jerk,” an “egomaniac,” and a “narcissist” who (sob!) hurt poor Kristen’s fragile self-esteem.

“I don’t see what Kristen Stewart saw in Rupert,” a “former co-worker of Rupert’s” tells Hollywood Life. “I don’t see what Liberty [Ross] sees in him (or saw in him). When I worked with him on commercials, he constantly used foul language, saying words like ‘c—‘ and making crude jokes. He treated the people who worked beneath him like crap. He has a huge, huge ego. When I heard that Kristen recently described herself as ‘a miserable c—,’ I immediately thought of Rupert and the impact he must have had on her. It’s disturbing and weird that a beautiful, successful young woman would use this word to describe herself.”

Maybe Kristen never previously used that word to describe herself, but considering the number of f-bombs and other profanities she uses in every single interview she does, it was only a matter of time before she used the c-word too, regardless of Rupert’s influence. And could it be any more obvious from that “beautiful, successful young woman” line that Team Stewart is feeding these quotes to Hollywood Life? But in case it’s not totally obvious, KStew’s publicist trots out the “Rupert is a predator who took advantage of Kristen” spin again.

“I hope Liberty moves on from him; she is a soulful, lovely person,” the website’s snitch says. “All I can say is Rupert is not a nice person; he is crude and thinks the world revolves around him. Maybe Kristen was taken with his power?”

Give it a rest, Team Stewart. Kristen isn’t some fresh-off-the-bus, wide-eyed innocent—she’s the highest-paid actress in Hollywood who’s been in the business for half her life, and she has way more power than Rupert. Stop making excuses. Stop playing the victim. And stop trying to make the public think that she and Rob are back together!

What do you think? Did Rupert Sanders hurt Kristen’s self-esteem? Do you buy that she and Robert Pattinson have really reconciled? Sound off in the comments!

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