Did Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell Really Break Up?

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Anytime MTV airs a Teen Mom special intended to catch up fans on what has been going on, it only confuses them more. Case in point, Tuesday night’s episode attempted to catch up with the girls since the series end and, while it did a good job getting up to speed with Amber Portwood’s story, it did the opposite for Ryan Edwards.

During the final season, fans were introduced to his new girlfriend, Dalis Connell. The network tried to set it up to make it look like there was a lot of fighting going on between Maci and Dalis because that makes good drama. Unfortunately, since the girls appeared to make-up on the Dr. Drew special which aired last month, they needed some new drama for everyone’s favorite love triangle.

On the show, Ryan was shown talking to Dalis on the phone. Apparently, the two had a brief break-up during the off season, but MTV was there to capture it. As the scene aired, confused fans tweeted Ryan, hoping that he and Dalis had not split.

Easing fans minds, Ryan said, “lol everyones asking if me nd dalis broke up.. no we broke up for a couple hours nd it was wen we were filming ofcurse..”

The break-up happened back in May when Dalis allegedly caught Ryan cheating. However, the entire situation turned out to be a misunderstanding and the two reconciled quickly and have been going strong ever since. Ryan Edwards assured his fans that the special was filmed six months ago and that he and Dalis are still together.

During the brief break-up, cameras also caught Maci Bookout talking to a friend about her future with Ryan. At that time, she said that she didn’t know what would happen with her and Ryan, but Ryan said that there was no chance that he and Maci would ever reconcile.

While it is hard on both of them to know that Bentley will come from a split home, the little boy is well taken care of and has a lot of love from everyone around him including Dalis Connell.

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