Did sex save Jennifer Aniston’s relationship with Justin Theroux?

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A couple of weeks back, Star claimed that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were heading to Europe in an attempt to save their failing relationship. It looks like their plan worked!

Star (via Celebitchy.com) is now reporting that the pair’s relationship is back on track following their vacation, “which was prompted by a need to reignite the passion in their relationship following fights over where to live, whether to start a family and Justin’s friendliness with his ex.”

“Jen is gushing that sex saved her relationship with Justin,” a “friend” overshares to the mag.

And from Star‘s description, it seems like these two were getting it on all over the Continent. In Paris, “Jen and Justin stayed holed up in their suite for two days, doing nothing but making love,” while in Capri “they took a private tour to the famed Blue Grotto and asked their guide to give them some private time … After Jen and Justin disappeared, the guide heard suspicious sounds and yelled, ‘Everything OK in there?'” another “insider” tells the mag.

Is it even possible to get alone time in the Blue Grotto? There are always dozens of tourist boats in the water waiting to go into the Grotto, and even if Jennifer and Justin managed to score a private tour, would they be allowed to go in alone? So that part was probably written by a Star staffer with an overactive imagination. But the entire report is pretty sketchy, considering just two weeks ago Star ran another piece claiming these two wanted to spice up their sex life, and now the mag is conveniently running something confirming what it probably made up previously. Besides, doesn’t Star know that Jennifer and Justin were too busy fighting over Brad Pitt to get their freak on?

What do you think? Did sex save Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s relationship? How much longer do you think they’ll last? Sound off in the comments!

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