Did Shannen Doherty Save a Twitter Fan’s Life?

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Celebrities often get strange fan requests. Shannen Doherty’s latest was a request that she give a fan a personal phone call. The woman threatened to hurt herself if Doherty didn’t respond. Consequently, Shannen leaped into action to prevent anything bad from happening. Did she ultimately save the woman’s life?

Not really. It turns out, the threat was just that — a threat. After getting it, the alarmed celebrity did pick up the phone. However, she didn’t call the fan. Instead she called the police. Since the woman had already given out her address, Shannen passed the information along to the authorities. She expressed her concern over the woman’s threat and pleaded with the police to followup. They did just that.

However, when they arrived at the woman’s residence, they found no evidence the fan intended to hurt herself. In fact, she stated she had no such plans. She refused their offer of medical attention. Perhaps they should have offered a psychological assist instead, considering how bizarre the threat was.

Although she ended up looking like an alarmist, Shannen Doherty didn’t care. She was just glad her so-called fan was okay. “Thank you to the Westhampton police department for being diligent and so reassuring,” said Shannen.

Her comment did alarm other fans, however, prompting Doherty to offer an explanation. “Thanks, gang. Police wasn’t for me, was a girl on here who needed their help,” she tweeted.

Shannen did the right thing. While the chances were good that the fan’s threat was just an exaggeration, it wasn’t the kind of thing one should take for granted. Contacting the local authorities helped assure that the circumstances were safe and that no one would get hurt. Great call, Shannen!

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