Did The Undertaker Die? WWE Undertaker Rumors Fly Through The Net!

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Did The Undertaker Die? What happened to the Undertaker? Those are the two questions on the minds of many fans of professional wrestling tonight as rumors of the Undertakers death is spreading through the Internet. Rumors started earlier tonight that the wrestler was found in a comatose and vegetative state after being poisoned by a fellow wrestler. That wrestler being Kane.

Growing, up I used to be a fan of wrestling. Back when it was still fun and it was called the WWF. I used to watch back in the 1980s when we had Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage as the men to beat.

Wrestling changed over the years. It got dirty. I stopped watching wrestling altogether the night that Owen Hart died during an event when he fell down to the floor during a risky entrance. So is the Undertaker dead this evening? No, the man that portrays the wrestler is alive and well. He is recovering from injuries from his last match, but the rumors of his death are just that – rumors. Rumors such as this are just in poor taste, but they seem to pop up from time to time. Nothing will stop that it seems! For more of my celebrity gossip coverage, go here.

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