Did Toyrianna Smith Kill Her Baby and Then Take Him Shopping?

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Toyrianna Smith, a 20-year-old Chicago mom, is accused of killing her 3-month-old son and then taking her dead baby shopping with her. That night, after drinking and hanging out with friends, Smith’s infant son, Ken Blackman Jr., started to cry. Smith woke up and allegedly slapped the boy in the face and placed a blanket over Blackman’s head. The child supposedly cried a second time; Smith allegedly repeated what she did before, and her baby died. In the morning, she supposedly dressed her dead baby and took him shopping for a few hours.

How was Toyrianna Smith caught? A neighbor saw blood on the child’s blanket, saw that the child wasn’t breathing and notified police. Smith allegedly confessed to police that she committed the crime and showed police how she did it.

With the public in the midst of reeling from the Casey Anthony case, Ken Blackman Jr.’s case is another example of the horror that can happen to a child. Although Caylee Anthony is in the minds of Americans, unfortunately, there are many other children who have been found dead.

One of the points of the Casey Anthony case that disturbs many Americans is that Caylee Anthony was missing for 31 days before Casey acknowledged her child was gone and police were called. “I’ve been looking for her and gone through other resources to try and find her, which was stupid,” said Casey to the 911 operator when asked why she didn’t call earlier.

In addition, proof of Anthony partying, participating in a “hot body” contest and getting a “Bella Vita” tattoo, meaning “good life,” days after Caylee disappeared, are also troubling to many.

Although a court of law declared Anthony innocent of the crime of murder, if she’s really guilty, how could a person carry on as if nothing happened? How could Toyrianna Smith carry on as if nothing happened if her confession of killing her son is true?


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