Did Whitney Houston Commit Suicide?

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Legendary diva Whitney Houston has sadly passed away at the tragically young age of 48. She is survived by her daughter Bobby Christina Brown, her only child with ex husband Bobby Brown. The cause and details of her death are as yet unknown, but there were reports of recent disturbing behaviour which may have included a suicide attempt. Did Whitney Houston take her own life?

On February 10, Whitney Houston was spotted leaving the LA club in Hollywood. The legendary singer looked bloated, dishevelled, and unsteady on her feet. Even more disturbing were the clearly visible blood spattered on and trickling down her legs, and the bloody looking cut or scratch on one of her wrists. Did she attempt to slash her wrists and fail? She was obviously growing through some kind of crisis. She looked like she needed help. Obviously, that help never came, and now it’s too late.

You can see photos of the obviously distressed Whitney Houston complete with the cut on her wrist by clicking here. Do you think she committed suicide?

Whatever the cause of her death, she was a great artist. She will be forever remembered and missed. R.I.P. Ms. Houston.

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