Did Whitney Houston Hate Kevin Costner and Oprah Winfrey?

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Ever since Whitney Houston’s death, the singer has been making the headlines for a variety of reasons. Some people are still wondering and guessing at her actual cause of death, affairs are popping up, and her family is in the spotlight for every little thing whether it be kicking Bobbi Brown out of the funeral or making Whitney’s daughter see a psychiatrist.

Well the newest story is claiming that Whitney Houston hated both Kevin Costner and Oprah Winfrey despite how close they seemingly were. Most watched as Kevin Costner nearly broke down while reading a heartfelt eulogy during Whitney’s funeral, and Whitney joined Oprah on her talk show back in 2009 for what seemed to be a friendly interview. But people are now claiming that Whitney actually hated Kevin for the way he criticized her acting when they worked on the Bodyguard together in the early 1990s. And apparently Houston hated Oprah because she believed she was a sell-out, and only really dug out scandalous things from her black guests and left her white guests alone.

Well, no one can ask Whitney if she really hated these two people that cried at her funeral and comforted her family, but everyone can speculate. It seems odd that she would hold a 20 year grudge against Kevin Costner, but who knows. What is more plausible is that she disliked Oprah—not necessarily because she outed black guests and not white guests—but more likely because Oprah tried to get her to publicly discuss her lesbian interests. It was always speculated that Whitney was bisexual, but never really confirmed. Although close friends are now saying that Whitney had three long-term lesbian affairs, is that enough for her to hate Oprah as well? Perhaps, especially since Whitney was always fighting criticism, and no matter how popular bisexuality becomes, it is still considered taboo by many.

Well, whatever the truth. Whitney Houston will go down in history for one thing and one thing only. Her voice. Not her relationships, her bisexuality, her acting abilities or her battle with drugs. It will always be her voice that people remember her by the most.

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