Did ‘X Factor’ Producers Bully Don Philip Into a Gay Admission?

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The controversy over would be X Factor contestant Don Philip continues. Now the jilted singer says the show’s producers bullied him into admitting he was gay.

No doubt Philip thought he had an automatic “in” with the show having been a former singing partner to one of its judges—Britney Spears. However, not only did that not get him the slot he desired, it hurt him in other ways as well.

It was one thing to have the other judges tell him he wasn’t good enough. However, when Britney lowered the boom as well, it reduced Philip to tears. But was that all there was to his emotional, and tear-stricken, exit? Not according to Don. There was something else that contributed to his heart-wrenching response.

He says that he got “set up” by producers who bullied him into admitting his sexual preferences. “It was kind of a private thing they forced out of me,” he says. “…I went home and had thoughts (of suicide).”

Don said he was honest with the show’s producers, telling them he really didn’t want to talk about that aspect of his life on the show. However, he did admit to hiding a secret. That was his mistake. As soon as he hit the stage, L.A. Reid kept bombarding him with the same question repeatedly. “What’s the secret?”

Worried that he would be outed anyway, Philip finally spilled the beans. He says that admission so upset him that he couldn’t adequately pull it together to do his audition number. That resulted in the sub par performance that got him bounced out of the competition.

However, X Factor is denying Philip’s allegations. They say, “The judges were not given any information at all about Mr. Philip before his audition.” They claim his admission was a complete surprise to them. Since, the supposed Reid comments didn’t air as part of the audition, it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth. It’s a case of “he said”, “they said” which may never get solved.

Still, there was no reason for Don Philip to feel bad about what he told the judges. He is who he is. While he may not have wanted to admit his sexual orientation on national TV, he has no reason to feel shame for it either. After all, had he made the cut, chances are good it would have come out anyway.

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