Did You Watch the VP Debate?

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I did.  My hubby and I watched on NBC, since that’s his favorite network. 

As the debate ended, the first comments I heard were that neither one did what people were afraid they might do.  Governor Palin was able to hold her own.  Senator Joe Biden was not obnoxious or loud or too verbose.  The first commenters thought they came out even and that this debate will probably not change anyone’s mind.

Geraldine Ferraro said that Governor Palin did okay.  She wasn’t perfect, but neither was Biden.

NBC commentators thought that they came out even.  Biden talked too much about himself at the beginning, giving Palin the lead.  Then Biden clicked in and “won” the second part of the debate.  So they came out even.

The only things that bothered me about Palin were that when Biden mentioned where McCain voted or didn’t vote for things that were important for the American public, it was often times because of the “pork” attached to the bills.  Palin could have mentioned that.

I also wondered if she should have said something to Biden when he showed emotion when talking about losing his family and being a single father.  One commentator thought it was the right thing to do to ignore the emotion, but I’m not so sure.

I missed this comment, but hubby said that Tom Brocaw said that the Democratic Party is probably glad there will be only one Vice Presidential debate.  I think he was right.  The Democrats expected Palin to fall on her face and she did not.

She did try to connect to American families, and for this family, she did.  I’m glad that the Republicans, in helping her practice – which we know they did  - allowed her to be herself.  That’s why people love her as much as they do.  Because she’s a real person just like the rest of us.


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