Did Zayn Malik Try and Fail to Cheat on Perrie Edwards?

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Zayn Malik might seem quite, shy, and sweet, but according to a recent report, he might also be incredibly sneaky—he allegedly attempted to cheat on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

The One Direction singer has been known to have short, intense relationships—he dated The X Factor contestant Geneva Lane for a short time before moving on to another singer from the show, Rebecca Ferguson. After their breakup, she implied that Zayn wasn’t exactly faithful.

So since Zayn is used to relationships that don’t last very long, perhaps he’s decided that it’s time to move on again. According to Entertainmentwise, he asked one of the dancers at the Olympics closing ceremony for her number.

Zayn Malik allegedly tried to get the dancer’s digits through his security and PR team, but she wasn’t interested because she’s already in a serious relationship.

Who would have thought that Zayn would end up being the one to hit on girls at the closing ceremony? It seemed way more likely that there would be reports of Harry Styles chatting up Ginger Spice or Niall Horan trying to get over Demi Lovato by pursuing Jessie J.

If this anecdote is true, then things don’t look good for poor Perrie Edwards. To make matters worse, One Direction fans have never really warmed to her like they have to Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer and Louis Tomlinson’s ladylove Eleanor Calder. So sadly many Directioners will probably side with Zayn even though he’s the one in the wrong.

Hopefully the story proves to be false—there are already way too many reports about celebs cheating these days. There’s the whole Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson scandal, and Anderson Cooper just got his heart broken by his philandering boyfriend. If people want to be with someone else, then why don’t they break up with whoever they’re with first?

If Perrie does end up kicking Zayn to the curb, at least Robert Pattinson might be available.

So do you think that Zerrie is headed for a breakup?

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